“Ride responsibly & Respect the landowners and their properties.”

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All gates have been closed.

All BMD trails are officialy closed for the season.

See you at the Landowner's Appreciation Dinner on April 13th!!

P396 and P397 are closed and the P396 gate is closed at the end of Bean Road.

1/25/19 IMPORTANT CLOSURE NOTICE: Trail P397 (that runs parallel with Trues Brook Road in Plainfield) is currently closed due to large ice blocks in the trail.

All BMD trails are open with ongoing grooming in the higher elevations.

Have fun and be safe!

This winter there will be active logging on P396 just north of Burr road. Please ride with extreme caution for a relatively short distance.

Club memberships can be obtained by joiniong at NHSA.org or printing out the on-line form and submitting it with your payment to the "Blow-Me-Down Snowriders Club"

MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — Some Northeasterners are beginning to wonder if a white Christmas may just be a dream, and business owners who rely on snow are starting to worry if warm weather could lead to a nightmare winter..... Read the whole story.

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Trails are now open with ongoing grooming in the higher elevations

Please ride with care and caution and respect for the land.  Stay on the trails or stay home.  Thank you.

We have updated GPS generated trail maps for sale at the Meriden Deli for $5 each.

About Us

The Blow-Me-Down Snowriders Club was started in 1971 as a family oriented, non-profit organization. We now have approximately 56 miles of trails that wind through the towns of Cornish and Plainfield that are groomed and maintained by the volunteer time of our members.

Member of NHSA.  www.nhsa.com  

Meeting Schedule

Monthly meetings of the Blow-Me-Down Snowriders Club are held at Gil Wilson’s heated garage at 169 Route 120 in East Plainfield on the second Tuesday of the month, starting at 7:00 p.m. from September through April. We hope to see you there.


As of July 1, 2012, in order to operate on state-approved snowmobile trails, an OHRV (wheeled vehicle) that has had the wheels or tires removed and replaced with tracks, cleats or skis, MUST be properly registered in New Hampshire as a snowmobile